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Do you know how healthy you are?
  • No!
  • You don’t know how healthy you are until a qualified physician examines you. You may have many unsuspected diseases. You can prevent these diseases from becoming prematurely fatal by taking correct precautionary steps..
Equipped with latest equipment and instrument. Procedures performed are as follows.
  • · OGD
  • · Clonoscopy
  • · Pollipectomy
  • · Banding
  • · Esophageal Shunt passing
  • · Sclerotherapy
  • · Biopsy
Medical Lab
Karachi Adventist Hospital laboratory for the past many years has been rendering excellent investigation services. It is equipped with the latest state-of-art equipment .
Dental Care
The mouth is the focal point of many emotional conflicts, the first source of human contact, and means of alleviating or expressing discomfort, pleasure or displeasure. Many people resort to masking unflattering smile in many ways , hiding their smiles with hands, lips and even their tongue. Such responses may be due to their malformed or gums. Helping you determine how to improve your smile, look better, and feel better about yourself is one of the primary goals of Karachi Adventist Hospital Dental Clinic. .
Karachi Adventist Hospital in its endeavor to help patients to reduce their hospitalization expenses prior to and after surgery, introduces Day Care Surgery , Which will enable patients to have the operation and return home the same day. Karachi Adventist Hospital has highly experienced surgeons. The following surgeries has performed round the clock in KAH .
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